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- Introduction


I’m a customer experience professional focused on designing impactful solutions through user-insights.

Over the past decade, the consumer landscape has changed drastically. With the development of internet solutions and retail innovations, customers now have an abundance of choices for their products and services. Businesses who truly listen to their customers and use a human-centered design approach are bound to be successful and provide value throughout the relationship with their consumers.

Helping businesses get closer to their customers is my ultimate passion. My background in both design and business allow me to be the connective tissue between customer value and business growth to ensure that brands thrive in the future.
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- Design Process

Design Process


Grounding: Empathy is our greatest tool

During the grounding phase of a project, we deep dive into customer research and analyze their behavior. For any project, it is crucial to understand the holistic journey that a customer goes through and to identify needs and pain points, which help us draft an actionable plan. We use tools like journey and empathy maps, interviews, research, and customer feedback to get closer to our customers and capture their input. We then take these insights into the ideation phase to design the right products, solutions, and processes.


Define & Validate: Validation = value

In the first part of this phase, we ideate and brainstorm around previously identified problems or opportunities. Once we have identified the solutions, we prioritize based on customer value and level of effort. Then during the second part of this phase, we validate our solutions through user-tests and validation prototypes. The insights gained from this phase help us pursue the right opportunities and improve upon the execution.


Design: Value-driven design

Once the ideas have been validated, it’s time to design the solution. This is personally my favorite step in the processes, where creativity, design, and innovation lead to ingenious products and solutions that will drive value for both people and brands. While we design new solutions, I’m also slightly obsessed with finding the most efficient ways of working. By creating processes that allow designers to quickly design and iterate, we’re able to validate our design with our end customers and keep user testing at the forefront of the design process.


Iterate: There’s no such thing as being finished

Design is never finished. The digital and physical world is always changing and we must be able to keep up with our customers to stay relevant. Iterative design is crucial in this landscape to continuously improve our solutions and meet our customer’s changing needs.

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- Work


Case Study

Coming soon
Wireframes, Sitemaps, Journey Mapping

Case Study

Endless Aisle
Coming soon
Digital Design, Interaction Models, Customer Journey

Case Study

Frigidaire Navigation
Coming soon
Wireframes, User Testing,

Case Study

Ford Hub
Coming soon
Interaction Design, Innovation, Experiential Design

Case Study

Ford Performance
Coming soon
Interaction Design, Digital Design, Usability, Personas
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- My Focus

My FOcus

Customer Experience (CX)

  • / Journey Mapping
  • / Empathy Mapping
  • / Validation and User Testing
  • / Business Design
  • / Service Design

User Experience Design (UX)

  • / Information Architecture
  • / Wireframes
  • / User Flows
  • / Prototypes & User Testing
  • / Interaction Design

Digital Design

  • / Design Systems
  • / Accessibility
  • / Process Optimization
    / Design Efficiency
  • / Digital Branding
Design can truly change lives when it resonates with people on a deeper level and meets an unfulfilled need, supported by a strong business case.

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